Apulian Black-glazed Lekythos

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Apulian Black-Glazed Pottery Squat Lekythos

Period / Age: ca. 4th - 3rd Century BC

Provenance: English private collection.


Hight: 11cm (4.33")

A beautiful wheel-thrown pottery lekythos of a squat, compressed form. The vessel has a slender discoid foot, a circular body with dozens of incised ribs, a planar shoulder with a tapered cylindrical neck, a funnel-form mouth, and a thin handle arching between the neck and shoulder. The entire vessel – save for the bottom of the foot – is covered in an attractive jet-black glaze that creates a lustrous reflection in any light.
A lekythos is a Greek pottery vessel used for storing oil, especially olive oil. It has a narrow body and one handle attached to the neck of the vessel.
Apulia (South Italy) was designation for ancient Greek pottery fabricated in Magna Graecia largely during the 4th century BC.