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Period / Age: 
Early Roman imperial age, 1st Century A.D.


Height: 6cm (total height including wooden base is 8.5cm)
Weight: 1.6g

The craftsmanship of the statuette of BES is very well-detailed. The god is typically depicted with animal traits; he wears a crown of feathers and plays the lyre in order to drive away evil influences.

There is a suspension ring on the back and the dark green patina is beautiful.

BES, together with his feminine counterpart BESET, is an ancient Egyptian deity worshipped as a protector of households and, in particular, of mothers, children, and childbirth. BES later came to be regarded as the defender of everything good. BES was important in Nubia or Somalia, and his cult did not become widespread until the beginning of the New Kingdom.

Worship of BES spread as far as today’s Syria and as far as the Balearic Islands (Ibiza) in Spain, and later into the Roman Empire.

BES was a household protector, becoming responsible for such varied tasks as killing snakes, fighting off evil spirits, watching after children, and aiding women in labour by fighting off evil spirits.

Images of the deity, are quite different from those of the other gods. Normally Egyptian gods were shown in profile, but instead, BES appeared in full face portrait, and sometimes in a soldier’s tunic, so as to appear ready to launch an attack on any approaching evil. He scared away demons from houses, so his statue was put up as a protector. Since he drove off evil, BES also came to symbolise the good things in life – music, dance, and sexual pleasure.

CONDITION: Very good condition. The item is described to the best of our knowledge. Please refer to the pictures and email us with any questions.