Congo Ceremonial Tapestry

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Congo Ceremonial Tapestry

Period / Age: ca. 20th Century AD, Congo, Africa

Provenance: Private English Collection


Height: 81.5cm (32.1")
Length: 68.5cm (27")

Vintage natural African applique Kuba textile with brown small textile fragments.
The word “Kuba” means “lighting” referring to the blades that were once used by Kuba warriors.
These Tactile textiles from the Congo are each handcrafted in the traditional way, the men weaving on a small handloom and the women taking great pride in their embroidering of these squares.

Kuba ceremonial squares can take three months to complete.
They are used as body wrappers, mats, blankets or used as currency.

This Kuba dance skirt panel, naturally dyed raffia with applique design is mounted in a frame for wall hanging.
Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

CONDITION: In a very good condition.

ORIGIN: Congo, Africa