Panamanian Chiriqui Jade Pendant – Man’s Face

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Panamanian Chiriqui Jade Pendant – Man’s Face

Period / Age: ca. 15th - 16th Century AD

Provenance: Private English Collection


Height: 5.8cm (2.2")
Width: 0.8cm (0.3")
Length: 2.6cm (1")

Pre-Columbian, Panama, Chiriqui culture

An incredibly-preserved pale blue-green jade anthropomorphic pendant, the deity figure squatting with hands placed over chest as if engaged in a ritual or prayer – the overall form being celt-shaped.
The features are finely string-cut and delineated in bas relief.
The pendant may have been worn suspended through the eyes.
A magnificent piece, replete with impressive technique and intriguing iconography as well as inherently beautiful jade.

CONDITION: Very good

ORIGIN: Panama, Central America