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Period / Age: 1000 - 1520 A.D., Chiriquí Province, Panama

Provenance: Private English collection.


Height: 26cm
Length: 38.70cm

A beautiful ceremonial metate, carved from a single coarse, grey volcanic stone. This stone metate from the Panama region of Chiriqui has a round tray adorned with six feline heads.

Metate technology developed from the practical purpose of grinding maize to significant ritual objects packed with strong iconography and interesting sculptural shapes. Larger scale but similar degrees of decorative carving and iconographic symbolism were occasionally utilised to seat a departed ruler on his journey to the afterlife.

Throughout the pre-Columbian world, Jaguar symbolism meant power and force; thus, warriors, monarchs, hunters, and shamans all connected themselves with this king of beasts, the largest and most formidable feline in the New World.

CONDITION: Surface deterioration according to age. Outstanding detail and form preservation. The item is described to the best of our knowledge. Please refer to the pictures and email us with any questions.