Sedes Sapientiae

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Sedes Sapientiae

Period / Age: 15th Century AD, Tuscany, Italy

Provenance: English private collection.


Height:: 65cm (25.5')

In Roman Catholic tradition, “Seat of Wisdom” or “Throne of Wisdom” (translating Latin sedes sapientiae) is one of many devotional titles for Mary, the Mother of God.
It refers to her status as the vessel in which the Holy Child was born.
Mary is seated on a throne with the Christ Child on her lap.
The Roman Catholic Church honours Mary, Seat of Wisdom, with a feast day on June 8.
The work finds an artistic and cultural position in the important fourteenth-century production of polychrome wooden sculptures, typical of Tuscany, especially in the Florentine area.
The faces and the hands of Mary and Jesus, as well as the feet of the latter, have a rosy flesh colour with reddish cheeks; the eyes and the supraciliary arches are brown, while the hairs of both are golden.
The petticoat of Maria still has a pleasant lightly browned gilding, while the dress is painted with a blue lacquer.