We take great pride in welcoming you to Gemme Nummarie, where the past is given a presence in a unique way designed for your tastes, styles and interests. People often think of artifacts such as pottery, coins or bowls as items only to be found in museums. At Gemme Nummarie, we offer you the opportunity to own an exclusive piece of history, whether this be an addition to your collection of treasured items or merged with the finest gems and metals to create a luxurious piece of jewellery. These pieces will always tell two stories: one from the past, and yours in the present.

We are often approached with requests for bespoke items, some as specific as a coin bearing the face of a long-forgotten ruler or a fragment of a tool once used for sport. They could wish to create a piece that shows their connection to a time period, a person or even a spiritual connection.

Asked almost as frequently is, “how do you fit these relics into something practical and beautiful by the standards of the 21st Century?”; that is where Gemme Nummarie differs from so many others. We are young, we are excited, and we are tireless. Often, jewellery and other ancient collectables are designed by craftsmen whose works can easily be identified by serious collectors or are mass produced for casual hobbyists. Our mission is to help you see your ideas and desires come roaring back to life in a way that fits your personality. Gemme Nummarie is also thrilled to be a supplier to noted jewellery houses around the world, furnishing them with artifacts, metals and commissioned pieces that are sold as part of their own unique collections.

Gemme Nummarie is comprised of expert craftsmen, talented artists, purveyors of the past and, perhaps most importantly, historians.

Most of our collection pieces and requests represent Mediterranean civilizations, Greek and Roman most notably, but we can dig deeper if what you seek comes from other area or cultures.

Ancient empires were porous and adaptable; technology, religion, finance and art came to represent a fusion of cultures. A coin found in an Adriatic excavation from the Third Century AD struck in recognition of the current emperor may look surprisingly different from one of the same emperor struck at the same time in distant reaches of Gaul or Britannia. Come to us with specific requests or allow us to show and explain an item in fuller detail so that you tell the two stories that form the core of our business: the one from the past, and yours in the present.

Team Gemme Nummarie

Rastislav Tanistrak, Managing Director
Rastislav Tanistrak, Managing Director