Collection by appointment at:
Gemme Nummarie
63 Compton Street
United Kingdom

Gemme Nummarie uses the shipping services of DHL. 


* For a country-specific transit time estimate, please get a quote.
The delivery times approximate and apply from the day your parcel is collected from us by the courier. 
DHL couriers only collect Monday to Friday (Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are not considered Business Days). 
If the courier has already collected when you drop your parcel off (please check with the store), add +1 working day to the delivery time (weekends are not working days). 
The delivery times are to major destinations, do not include time in Customs and are provided as a guide only. 
Delivery times are also affected by public holidays in the destination country. 
You can track your order at any time online through your tracking code located on your emailed receipt.