Prehistoric Scandinavian Neolithic Flint Axe


A Danish Flint Axe

Period / Age: ca. 4th/3rd Century BC

Provenance: Ex Private British collection F.S Clark. Ex Private UK collection, Surrey.


Length: 22.5cm (8.9")
Height: 7.5cm (3")
Weight: 1.3kg

A well provenanced and very pleasing ancient prehistoric Scandinavian Neolithic flint axe.
Worked from a fine caramel coloured flint, we can see how this axe was painstakingly knapped and polished into its fine symmetrical form.

The Neolithic Scandinavians were a conservative people, who clung resolutely to the use of stone tools even as their neighbours adopted metalworking.

This evocative artefact; broad, hardy and strong, has more than a hint of the society that produced it.
With an old label: ‘F.S Clark Denmark DEN.150 collection’