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Period / Age: ca. Second half of 19th Century AD

Provenance: Private English Collection. Ancient collection Charles Cartier-Bresson (1853-1921) collection no. 701. Charles Cartier-Bresson was a textile industrialist and art collector specializing particularly in works from Japan. He is the great uncle of famous photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. With additional old collection labels ‘136’ and ‘359’.


Height: 22cm (8.66")

A pipecase (Kiseruzutsu) of musozutsu type is carved from a light, grainy wood.
The surface is lacquered in gold, silver and black takamaki-e with a design of leafy nasubi (eggplant).
The leaves are lacquered in seido-nuri (imitating patinated bronze), with gold veins, very typical of the school of Shibata Zeshin (1807-1891).
Silvered copper looped cord attachment and lining around the opening.

The pipecase is signed MYOSAI 苗斎.


CONDITION: Good condition with minor overall wear, most notably a minor loss to lacquer between one stem which leads to the leaf on the reverse.