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Period / Age: 2nd - 3rd Century A.D.

Provenance: Private English Collection. Acquired on the London art market in the late 1980s-1990s. From the family collection of an East London, UK, gentleman.


Length: 1cm

Hares have been an important mythological figure and artistic theme in many cultures throughout history, including ancient Rome. Hares were associated with the cycle of life, and so with spring, regeneration, and immortality.

This Roman intaglio depicts a sitting hare with large ears over a line or horizon. This type of iconography is often given as a symbol of love. Hares were sacred to Venus/Aphrodite and Eros in the ancient Roman and Greek religions, and they are frequently depicted as the love deities.

Hares were also engraved on wedding rings and bowls in ancient Greece, and it was traditional for couples to trade live hares as gifts. The luckiness of a rabbit’s foot, which is still recognisable today, stretches back to antiquity, with hares believed to be symbols of luck in late antiquity, which may have contributed to their hunted status.

CONDITION: Good condition. There is some wear and tear, but the iconography is completely intact. The item has been described to the best of our knowledge. If you have any questions, please refer to the photographs and send an email.