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Period / Age: Hellenistic, 2nd Cent. B.C.

Provenance: Private English Collection Formerly priv. coll, Basel, 1990's


Hight: 5.4cm
Thickness: 0.4cm

Under a decorative guilloche, the main image shows a man and a woman on a kline having sex.
The couple depicted, the woman reclining on her back, her head thrown back, her legs embracing the thighs of her kneeling lover.

Symplegma scenes adorned drinking vessels, which is also confirmed by the wall thickness and the curvature of the present fragment.

SYMPLEGMATA – meant two rings that were embraced, later it acquired the connotation of voluptuous erotic embrace of sexual intercourse.

Pan and Olympos are mentioned by Pliny as a group sculpture, a symplegma, for Pan, seated on rocks next to his pupil Olympos.

In modern times Symplegma is used to refer to explicit depictions of sexual intercourse. In particular, representations more complex and unusual sexual positions, and unusual pairings so designated. A familiar example is the so-called Dresdner Symplegma which shows the Hermaphrodite and Satyr in half-combative, half-erotic embrace


CONDITION: Good condition commensurate with age, extensive wear and losses. Mounted on a modern base.